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Our Story…how and why Invintro BV started

Invintro B.V. was founded in the spring of 2013. Since September 7th, 2013, we officially are the European distributor of several herbal extracts.
From personal experience, my business partners and I knew that there was a fundamental lack of knowledge concerning different treatment options for Lyme disease and co-infections. We came in contact with a company who manufactured herbal dietary supplements on a natural and biological base.
A collaboration was born. Right after founding Invintro B.V., we organized the conference A New Look at Lyme and Tick-Borne Illness.
In order to contribute to the knowledge of Lyme disease and co-infections, several renowned guest speakers participated. The feedback of participating medical practitioners was unanimously positive. De tone has been set. We are ready for the future! And will be contributing to the community for spreading the word in the future.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be a reliable, honest, innovative, and passionate business partner. We select all our manufacturers with utmost care: we verify their practices and their integrity. All products we offer are produced on a biological basis and are environmentally friendly.

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