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Scot Forsgren

In better health! It’s Scott Forsgren’s motto in life. You may have met him during the Invintro conference “The Tick Factor” in September.
In his twenties he became violently ill. For years he struggled with symptoms such as balance problems, severe joint pain, nausea, muscle spasms, and never-ending fatigue, to name just a few.
He consulted numerous doctors and was diagnosed with a long list of conditions; not to mention the many times he was advised to consult psychiatrists. As he puts it himself: “If only I had gotten a t-shirt for each of these diagnoses, I’d be clothed for life”.
He explored many treatments, many that did not have the desired effect. Some ten years ago he was tested for Lyme. Meanwhile his research had already made him see that energetic medicine can achieve amazing results. Having been tested positive for Lyme, he started down the road for Lyme treatment. As his logo so strikingly shows, he’s back on his feet again.
On his website www.betterhealthguy.com or facebookpage he shares what his journey has taught him. He discusses Lyme Disease but also topics as detoxification, mold allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, parasites etc. Don’t hesitate to contact him on any of these subjects.


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