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New Roots Europe
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Great news! Invintro distributor for New Roots Europe
As Team Invintro we are very pleased to announce that as from mid February we will be able to supply you with high-quality products manufactured by New Roots Europe.

About New Roots Europe
After the start in 1985, New Roots is now a leading manufacturer of high-quality natural health products.
The company’s mission is to produce the most therapeutic nutraceutical formulas designed for the prevention and cure of disease. Their focus lies in quality, consistency effectiveness and a devotion to ethical standards. To achieve this, they have an extensive staff devoted to quality assurance.

New Roots Europe has a great variety of products to offer. In cooperation with an integrative medical professional Invintro made a selection of twenty products that are considered most suitable for our clients.

Curious to know the product specifications and how to order?
On Invintro’s renewed website (www.invintro.eu) you may expect to read about the New Roots Europe products as from February 1st. We will be able to supply you with New Roots Herbal products from mid February onwards.
For product specifications and to order the products, we kindly request practitionars to sign up for the dedicated part of the website.

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