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Ogystal – part Pro Health Group! From March 1, 2016 our new partner Ogystal will also supply the Beyond Balance and Cure Support care products on prescription for your patients. Ogystal is, together with the laboratory Pro Health Medical part of the Pro Health B.V. group. Pro Health BV was founded in 1988 and has always acted in exclusive and high quality dietary supplements of various brands. In 1989 they started selling Sun Chlorella products in Europe and there are now for the Dutch and Belgian market more brands come in, such Vitae, Tisso and Beyond Balance. The organization is devoted to work for ( “Pro”) to health ( “health”) of men. Sales and shop recently became known under the new name Ogystal with the slogan: Upgrade your life! By Invintro B.V. Qualified therapists can place their orders by fax or e-mail! Please contact us for the conditions and order process: Email: info@ogystal.com -Tel: +31 (0) 495-531795 – Fax: +31 (0) 495 53 10 74 Information on the Pro Health jubilee conference:

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