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European distributor for dietary supplements

European distributor for dietary supplements

If your company is looking for a means to distribute your products in the EU, contact us. In addition, we provide a means for you to advertise your products.

Our specialization are cutting-edge dietary supplements on a herbal/biological base.

Invintro BV is a HACCP-complaint company

Corporate Social/Enviromental Responsibility

It is our mission to be a reliable, honest, innovative and passionate business partner.

We select all our manufacturers with utmost care: we verify their practices and their integrity. All supplements we offer are produced on a herbal and biological base and are environmentally friendly.

Our vendors are using GMP-compliant facilities where the highest standards are followed.

How to order

The products, however, can only be ordered by licensed practitioners after opening a professional account.

As a private person, you cannot directly order from Invintro B.V.

If you are interested in our products (supplements) or have any questions (i.e. dropshipment) or inquiries, please fill out the contact form.

Our network of technical support representatives will assist you on a high support and service level

Our goal is to continuously improve our service
level and exceed the customers expectation

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New Vendor: CureSupport

New vendor: CureSupport

We are happy to anounce that Invintro BV and CureSupport signed an agreement for distrbuting…

Conference April 2015, 10th

Conference April 2015, 10th

“Integrative Medicine Approaches in Treatment of Lyme and Tick-Borne Illness” Invintro B.V., distributor of Beyond…

First Conference Held September 17th, 2013

First conference held September 17th, 2013

On this day we organized a conference. It was a very exciting conference we just…


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